This game is not for children or the ill-tempered
XEN.game is a decentralized, trustless blockchain game hosted on the Ethereum network (and more chains soon!). Here's a TL;DR explanation of how the game works:
  • XEN.game is an exciting jackpot game where the ultimate winner is the last person to acquire a key at the end of a round.
  • During a round, participants have the opportunity to buy keys, extending the timer and positioning themselves for victory. The cost of each key gradually rises as keys are purchased.
  • Players who possess keys receive a continuous stream of passive rewards from the game, generated by ongoing key purchases during the round. These rewards can be withdrawn at any time... but keys must be sacrificed to do so!
  • When the timer reaches zero, the individual who purchased the final key emerges as the triumphant winner! (Key burners and Apex NFT holders also receive a share of the spoils!)
Other fun features:
  • A large portion of the game's revenue is allocated to a Burn Fund, which is used to buy & burn XEN tokens from Uniswap. Any player has the ability to initiate this action and will be credited with the onchain record for the XEN tokens burned.
  • Registered Apex NFT holders enjoy a continuous stream of passive income derived from each key purchased during a round.
  • Players have the option to register personalized vanity names, which are shown to other participants when they are in the winning position. These vanity names also come with unique referral links, enabling players to refer friends and earn extra rewards.
The experiment belongs to the community, and thus the creators must play by the same rules as everyone else. There are no developer fees, no administrator keys, and no pre-mined allocations.
Last modified 5mo ago