Apex Fund

I thought unicorns were more... Fluffy.
The Apex Fund collects ETH for the purpose of rewarding players who have Apex NFTs registered with the XEN.game contract. The distribution is proportional to the number of NFTs registered and their respective Apex classes.
Apex NFTs will be assigned the following weights:
🔹 Xunicorn: 50 pts 🔹 Exotic: 50 pts 🔹 Legendary: 25 pts 🔹 Epic: 10 pts 🔹 Rare: 5 pts
Users will receive rewards proportional to the amount of points they register. For example, if there are 1000 total points registered globally and a user holds a single registered Xunicorn, he will receive 5% (50/1000) of all Apex Fund rewards.
The contract will check a user's Apex ownership upon registering and again upon claiming rewards. If the NFT is not in the user's possession when they attempt to claim rewards, their unclaimed rewards will be forfeited back to the Apex Fund and the user's NFTs will be unregistered.
If a user transfers their NFT to someone else after registering, they will continue to accrue rewards but they will not be able to claim them unless the NFT is back in their possession. If the transferred NFT is registered by another wallet, it will unregister the original registrant and forfeit their unclaimed rewards back to the Apex Fund.
Apex NFTs are NOT automatically unregistered at the end of a round.
Last modified 5mo ago