Burn Fund

Burn like the evening sky.
The Burn Fund collects ETH for the purpose of buying XEN from Uniswap & burning it. The fund’s ETH balance will be visible on the interface, and any user can choose to execute the [Burn XEN] function at any time. The user who executes the transaction will be credited with the burn record and thus will be entitled to the corresponding X1 airdrop.
When the [BURN XEN] function is executed, 98% of the ETH in the Burn Fund will be used to purchase XEN from the Uniswap XEN-WETH LP and burn it. 1% of the Burn Fund's ETH balance is allocated as the "Burn Incentive." The user who successfully submits the [BURN XEN] transaction will be rewarded with the incentive. The remaining 1% stays in the fund.
After executing the function, the user will be restricted from executing the function again for 24 hours, or until 5 other players have executed the function after him. This restriction is to prevent individual players from gatekeeping the function.
(⚠️ Note: A user must have a registered nickname in order to execute the [BURN XEN] function. This is to deter users from creating myriad wallets for the purpose of bypassing the gatekeeping check)
Last modified 5mo ago