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End Game

It's better to burn out than to fade away.
Should the game timer ever reach zero, the round will end. The jackpot will be distributed in four ways:
🏆 Grand prize: 50% 🔥 Key Burners (not key holders): 20% 🦄 Apex Fund: 20% 🌱 Next Round: 10%
Visualization of endgame distributions
The grand prize will go to the last player who purchases a full key before the timer reaches zero. Those who burned keys during the round will receive twenty percent of the jackpot. The Apex Fund will receive twenty percent of the jackpot, and ten percent of the jackpot will carry over to seed the next round's starting jackpot.
The endgame distributions are triggered when someone attempts to purchase a key after the timer has reached zero. All keys from that round are then burned.
(⚠️ Note: The user who attempts to purchase a key after the round ends will receive a 90% refund on the amount spent. This will be available to claim in his key rewards.)
The next round will begin 24 hours later, starting with a new Fair Launch Event.