A very little key will open a very heavy door.
Purchasing a key puts a player in the winning position for the grand prize, and it entitles them to a portion of the game's ongoing revenue.
The starting price of a key will be one ten-millionth (1/10,000,000) of the starting jackpot value. The price of keys increases slightly with each key purchased. The revenue collected from key purchases is distributed four ways:
🔑 Key holders: 50% 🏆 Jackpot: 30% 🔥 Burn Fund: 15% 🦄 Apex Fund: 5%
Fifty percent is distributed to key holders, with each key holder receiving a share proportional to the number of keys he holds. Thirty percent is added to the jackpot. Fifteen percent goes to the Burn Fund (you know what that’s for!), and five percent goes to the Apex Fund.
Players can withdraw their key rewards at any time, but doing so will BURN ALL OF THEIR EXISTING KEYS 🔥🔥🔥. Players can also reinvest their rewards directly, which will use their unclaimed rewards to buy keys at the current price. Reinvesting will NOT burn the player's existing keys.
XEN.game revenue distributions
When the price of a key reaches one millionth (1/1000000) of the jackpot value, the price resets back to one ten-millionth (1/10000000) of the jackpot value. This reset mechanism ensures the elasticity of the key supply and manufactures periods of demand by offering a 90% discount on keys. Since the jackpot value is increasing with each key purchase, the average key price will always be increasing too.
(⚠️ Note: The price reset mechanism occurs on the transaction AFTER the one which brings the key price over the reset threshold, so it's possible that if multiple keys are purchased in the threshold-breaking transaction, the price paid for keys will far exceed the threshold)
Users can purchase keys by specifying a fixed quantity of keys, or by specifying a fixed amount of ETH to spend. Users can also use the [BUY A KEY 1x] button, which will purchase exactly one key.
[BUY A KEY] guarantees 1 key
Keys can also be purchased by sending ETH directly to XEN.game's core contract during an active round. This action will buy keys at the current market price, acting as a failsafe in the event the interface goes down for any reason.
Keys are not transferrable and are burned at the end of each round.
(⚠️ Note: If the total Fair Launch contributions are less than 1e7 ETH, which is highly unlikely, the first key purchased during the round will be free!)