The Game

Life is more fun when you play games.
The game begins with a jackpot and 12 hours on the timer. Players can purchase 1 or more keys (using ETH) to put themselves in the winning position. The last player who purchases a full key before the timer reaches zero wins the grand prize!
There’s a catch though... Each time a key is purchased, 30 seconds are added to the timer.
(⚠️ Note: The timer will not extend beyond a maximum of 12 hours regardless of how many keys are purchased. If someone purchases 2880 keys, that should add 24 hours worth of time (2880 * 30 seconds), but because the timer has a limit it will only push the timer back up to 12 hours. This does NOT mean that the game will end after 12 hours.)
XEN.game user interface
Last modified 5mo ago