Vanity Names

Vanity, thy name is vampire.
When a user is winning the game, their wallet address will be displayed as the current winner. Their wallet address will also show in recent activity when they purchase keys, withdraw rewards, or execute the [BURN XEN] function.
Player without a registered vanity name is winning
If a player chooses, they can register a unique vanity name to be displayed instead. Registering a name costs 0.02 ETH, a small fee which is routed to the developers. A registered name must consist of English alphabet characters and numbers ONLY, and two players cannot register the same name.
The first name registered by a wallet will act as its permanent in-game nickname. This cannot be overridden. Players can register as many names as they would like, but the additional names will only generate extra referral links, they will not take the place of the first name. If a player wants to change their nickname, they must use a different wallet.
(⚠️ Note: The price of a name registration will be set to exactly 0.02 ETH by the frontend, but a user could pay extra by interacting with the contract directly. This is not recommended, but if someone does it we will consider it a tip to the devs. It's also important to note that registering a vanity name is not required to use the core game functions. If a player does not wish to support the developers then they do not have to do so!)
Player with a registered vanity name is winning (you can't use underscores, sorry!)
Registering a vanity name also generates a referral link, which users may use to invite new players to XEN.game. If a new user joins through a referral link, 5% of the value of his key purchases will be given to the referring player, and the new player will receive a 5% rebate on his purchases as well. Referrals are semi-permanent. They will stick to the wallet that uses them until that player uses a different referral.
The nickname registration contract was intentionally made public so it can be used by any future projects launched by this team. A noteworthy consequence of this is that people can register names for wallets that they don't own. If you have a name registered already, nobody is able to change your name, they can only gift you additional referral links. But for those who do not have a registered name, there is a chance somebody else will assign a name to you (hopefully it's a good one!).
(⚠️ Note: New players will default to using the developers' referral link, but that can be changed at any time. If you don't wish to support the developers, you don't have to! Simply override the referral by using a different link one time when you purchase keys. If you do wish to support the devs (thank you <3), you do not need to take any special action. Just purchase keys as you normally would.)
Last modified 5mo ago